Company’s office is located on the property of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN), which is situated at the heart of Europe (Rhineland-Palatinate State, Federal Republic of Germany).

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport has gained the position of one of the largest cargo airports in Germany and the most attractive transit centres for passenger traffic. German States such as North-Rhine Westphalia, Hesse, Saarland, Baden-Wüttemberg, borders with Rhineland-Palatinate as well as the countries of Belgium, France and Luxembourg. The airport is located right in the centre of the “Blue Banana” of European Community.

Thanks to its convenient geographic location between Luxembourg and Frankfurt-am-Main, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport creates considerable opportunities for airlines to truck shipments according to the scheme “aircraft-truck-client”. The Airport is proud to be among four German airports, which hold the special irrevocable license for the nightflight traffic. Among numerous advantages of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport are 24 hrs cargo handling, truck and customs facilities for both import and export shipments. We can absolutely guarantee round-the-clock cargo delivery to such major airports and Frankfurt-am-Main, Cologne and Luxembourg using our own fleet.

Trans Sib is very unique being the only trucking company located directly on the grounds of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport with two major handling warehouses as well as a customs facility adjacent to its office. This advantage allows us quickly and efficiently deal with arising problems with cargo handling. Trans Sib is also in possession of secured parking facilities for own trucks.